Google Vault

Google Vault - Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared for the unexpected. In today’s environment, using Vault to manage, archive and preserve your data can help protect your business. Litigation costs can really take a toll on a business when minor lawsuits can run up to many thousands of dollars, and larger lawsuits can cost even more. Significant litigation costs come from having to search and find relevant data, which is also known as electronic discovery (eDiscovery).

E-discovery can be part of virtually any litigation and requires you to search, find and preserve your electronic information such as email. Vault helps protect your business with easy-to-use search so you can quickly find and preserve data to respond to unexpected customer claims, lawsuits or investigations. With an instant-on functionality and availability of your data a few clicks away, Vault provides access to all of your Gmail and on-the-record chats and can provide significant savings to your business over the traditional costs of litigation and eDiscovery.
Additionally, Vault gives Google Apps customers the extended management and information governance capabilities to proactively archive, retain and preserve Gmail and on-the-record chats. With the ability to search and manage data based on terms, dates, senders, recipients and labels, Vault helps you find the information you need, when you need it. Vault gives management, IT, legal and compliance users a systemized, repeatable and defensible platform that will reduce the costs and risks of doing business. With just a few clicks, the business can access a service designed for security and providing auditable access to critical information.

Vault is built on the same modern, 100% web-based architecture as Google Apps. Unlike traditional solutions, it does not require a complex and costly IT environment, and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Vault brings the security, ease-of-use and reliability of Google Apps to information governance. It can help meet the sophisticated requirements of large organizations and makes these advanced capabilities available to business of all sizes.

Google Apps Vault can be added to your Google Apps account for an additional $5 per user per month starting today, so contact our sales team or a Google Apps reseller if you are interested in signing up for Google Apps and Vault. 

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Google Docs Now Google Drive

Google Drive desktopFormerly Google Docs now known as Google Drive allows you to have a larger file storage area online that is remotely accessible. Drive has an application download for your computer (MAC and PC) that allows you to access your Google Drive files on your computer and have them synced over the cloud online within your Google Drive account. When you open a file from your computer it will allow you to edit it within your browser in your Google Drive account. Storage starts at Free for 5GB and goes all the way up to 16 TB for $800 / month. Learn more about pricing here.  Storage is reasonably inexpensive and could make your team collaborate tremendously.

Learn more on Google Drive here.

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Synology Time Backup

With Synology's Time Backup App on DSM 4.0 you can accomplish a simple backup solution that can be setup to run at times and dates of your choosing. From a Monthly backup to an hourly backup, it's your choice.

time backup wizard

This can also be a simple solution for file overwriting for those that are not utilizing subversion or checking files out, at least for a smaller team. 

With Time Backup you can intuitively browse, or slide among versions.

Time Backup 

Then easily restore old file versions with a right click.

data flashback 

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