From Outlook Exchange to Google Apps

Threaded email or not, users choose

New! Gmail now lets users turn off conversation view if they prefer a traditional inbox more like Outlook®, with individual messages organized chronologically. Learn more

Simplify migration

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange makes it easy to migrate email, calendar and contacts from on-premise or hosted Microsoft® Exchange. New features include migrating data from PST files, IMAP servers. Learn more: On-demand webinar.

Unify communications

Get email, calendar, IM, voice and video chat. Real-time collaboration tools included free.

Make email easy, efficient and useful

Employees enjoy less spam, tons of space and built-in Google search. Let them access email from anywhere and choose the interface they want: Gmail, Outlook®, or BlackBerry®.

Manage your business, not your mail server

Google Apps combines global scalability with world-class security. Stay current in the cloud - no more maintenance, upgrades, or patches.

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